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Ironman Grille


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October 2, 2015
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Eastern PA
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2007 Sport Trac Limited
Hoping someone here can help me. I have an '07 Sport Trac and wanted to purchase an ironman grille to replace the OEM chrome one. I have been able to find the grille itself but, I am having trouble locating a matching hood molding piece. Anyone know of a place I can purchase the grille and hood molding together? I saw an older thread mentioning a site that had it available for purchase but the link was dead so any information is appreciated! Thanks!

I'm looking to do the same exact thing. I also can find the grill but not the hood piece. I'm about to give up the search and just cover it with a blacked out bug deflector.

Did some research on this myself as I was considering doing the swap. Looks like most people bought the Ironman grille, then ordered the Adrenalin hood molding, for around $110. I would call the local dealer and price out the Adrenalin specific hood molding. Shouldn't be too much of a price change between the two.