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  1. DemonMudder

    My WIP '99 Explorer

    Working my way towards making her all blacked out, first the headlights and taillights, now the grille and brush guard. Working towards full offroader!
  2. I

    Eddie Bauer mesh grille

    I'm currently a 3rd gen owner, but I'm considering adding a 4th gen limited to my garage soon. Unpopular opinion but I really like the look of the eddie bauer grille better than the limited. I would like to obtain an eddie bauer grille for the limited, easy enough, but I also want to change it...
  3. P

    Grille Change and Blackout Treatment along with other mods.

    Took advice from others on the forum and from pictures of thing others have done. Completed Mods 1. Sprayed the luggage rack bar and running board chrome plate with black plastic dip, for Blackout Look. 2. Changed front grille from chrome to black. 3. Headlight and Fog Lights - Tinted with tint...
  4. D

    Navajo to Explorer grille and headlight information?

    Picking up a 1992 Mazda Navajo on Saturday. She's no looker. Aside from already being a Navajo front end, the grille is in multiple pieces. Well, that and the peeling paint. I want to pull off the Navajo grille and lights, then replace them with an Explorer's lights and grille. I have a few...
  5. E

    Black gloss touch up paint for Sport grille?

    I have a few paint chips on the black grille on my 2017 Explorer Sport. Does Ford have a touch up paint for the gloss black Sport grille?
  6. D

    Warped grille

    I'm on my second grille for my 2014 sport. I thought someone backed in to my explorer so I ordered a new sport grille from ebay. Only to have the new one warp in the same spots as the last. Anyone experienced this or know what's getting so hot? No mechanical issues.
  7. D


    Just joined the Explorer Forum. Currently have a 16 Explorer XLT EcoBoost Silver on Black. Mods completed: - HID Fog Lights - LED Mirror Puddle Lights - LED License Plate lights - Wheel Skins (dealer actually added them when purchased) - Blacked out hitch molding trim from chrome to black Next...
  8. K

    Grille Replacement - 2016 / 2017 Explorer

    I have seem a few threads on Grille replacements but they seem to be on all 2011-2015 Explorers. Looking at photos they 2016 - 2017 look different. Does anyone know if this process is different between the years and if it is has anyone been able to find documentation on the removal process...
  9. Front Ford Emblem

    Front Ford Emblem

    Matched the paint colors of the car to the Ford Emblem
  10. D

    Front bumper, grille, head lamps Ford Explorer 2016

    Used front bumper, grille, head lamps wanted for Ford Explorer 2016. Full accessory.
  11. M

    2007 Explorer Ironman Grille

    Does anyone know it's possible to put an Ironman grille on my '07 Explorer XLT? It would replace that chrome grille that's already there.
  12. D

    Grille Interchange 2016/17 with 2011/15

    I would like to purchase Ford Explorer Platinum grille. Where can I buy it? Is it even possible to replace XLT grille to a Platinum one?
  13. C

    Ironman Grille

    Hoping someone here can help me. I have an '07 Sport Trac and wanted to purchase an ironman grille to replace the OEM chrome one. I have been able to find the grille itself but, I am having trouble locating a matching hood molding piece. Anyone know of a place I can purchase the grille and hood...
  14. J

    Grille Paint & Prep

    Thinking of painting my grille... It's the standard chrome surround which is holding up fine, but a medium silver middle which has worn away to show the cream plastic color. Has anyone tried Krylon Fusion Textured for plastics on this? I already have a black can of it sitting around, though...
  15. S

    S h a d o w

    Here's what you can do with an extra Sport grille. After many measurements, cutting, grinding, sanding, and modifying, I used the diamond hash part of the grille to make a lower bumper grille screen. Used Duplicolor's Gunmetal Metallic paint, with minor sprays of flat black paint on top of...
  16. R

    Off Road Light Question

    Hi everyone, Im new to the forum but will be a very active member now that Ive finally gotten my 2007 explorer xlt. Its the dark green V6 with tan leather interior and 3rd row seating. Ill post some pictures later, its completely stock right now. Okay so I have a question, well really 2...
  17. 1997 Explorer Limited grill

    1997 Explorer Limited grill

  18. Green Explorer Mountaineer Grills

    Green Explorer Mountaineer Grills

  19. C

    Plasti dipped grille

    I had to do it, i plasti dipped my front grille and all my badging. Its is so simple, only took me a couple of hours. I did about 5 coats on the grille. here are some pics.. before/after there is a little bit of plastic dip overspray in the pic but it peels off very easy
  20. T

    Painted Grille

    Wanted to get people's thoughts/experiences for those who have painted their grille. I have a 2011 White, XLT, 4WD and after a year and a half of keeping everything stock, I'm looking to make some mods now. For a while I've wanted to paint the grille black and when I saw pictures of the Sport...
  21. B

    black grille

    hey i have a 2007 ford explorer xlt all black. Im looking for a all black grille that will look nice. do any of you know where i can find a good quality grille thats black.
  22. 1

    2nd Gen. grille replacement

    I found this youtube video of how to replace a 2nd gen explorer grille very helpful when i did mine :thumbsup::salute::exporange:exporange
  23. N

    Winch mount on grille guard?

    I need some ideas for mounting a winch on a grille guard w/ stock bumper. What I'm thinking is put a bar in between the frame points, then put two other bars up through the bumper the grille guard. Then make the winch bolt on the the grille guard + the two bars coming from the frame. Does this...
  24. B

    Black grille for 2010 Sport Trac limited

    Hello. I have just upgraded from a 2005 Sport Trac to a new 2010 Sport Trac Limited. It is black and I am not a big fan of the chrome grille. Does anyone know of any good options (Adrenalin grille, painting mine, aftermarket grilles) to get rid of the chrome look and go to something black...
  25. S

    custom grille

    where can I find a grille for a navajo.