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Jrgaylor's 91 Explorer full width D44/9

Full Width Axle Swap

Cage extended tubular radius arms
6 1/2" W/Winch BC Bronco springs
F-250 front shock mount (with 3/16” 2”X4” tube spacer) bolted and welded to frame
Rancho RS99261 shocks front
Superlift Adjustable Trac-Bar for 76-79 F100-F150 (Modified)
Superlift Extended brake lines for 89-97 RANGER, BRONCO II, 90-94 EXPLORER (Modified calipers)
Warn Premium hubs
Moog upper & lower ball joints
1 1/2" DOM draglink and tie rod with chevy TRE's
Yukon Superjoints
Yukon Chromoly Axles
Yukon Gears 4.86
ARB Air locker
Dana 44 from a 78 F-150
Stock 78 F-150 Coil Buckets (with 3/16” 2”X4” tube spacer) bolted and welded to frame
Stock 78 F-150 Trac Bar Mount (spaced out 1” bolted to steering gear box, weld to coil bucket and frame and welded gusset to frame)
Tie rod over knuckle conversion draglink and tie rod 1 1/2" DOM and Chevy tie rod ends

7" Long spring perch (spring over axle conversion)
Rancho RS99254 shocks rear (shock mounts stock 9” swapped side for side and welded to back side of axle)
Yukon gears 4.88
Yukon Chromoly Axles
ARB Air locker
James Duff 9” Skid plate
Stock 78 F-150 brake line
ARB Heavy Duty Airline Kit #HDAL

Super Swamper IROK'S Radials 37X12.5-15

ARB Air compressor mounted next to radiator
Stock 91 explorer front drive shaft 1310 u-joints
Stock 91 explorer rear shaft with extended slip yoke 1310 & 1310/1330 ******* U-joints

Killed the passenger side stub shaft today, the yukon super joint appears to be ok with the exception of the 2 caps


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I like the longfield u joint design better than yukon and the new stub shaft from Yukon has more meat on it so I have the adjust my steering stops.

Driver side stub did not hold up this weekend, how ever the Longfeild joint did .
I do need to get new caps for the u-joints and Yukon should warranty the stub


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    drivers stub.jpg
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