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Kert's tow rig 2005 F250 6.0 Diesel

Don't you just love the 6.0L, Kert?! :D

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Haha... I really can't complain too much. I got this truck pretty cheap and it had a couple of things I knew would need addressed and it does have 225k on it now, but fairly low hours for the miles... around 4500. The interior is mint with only a rip in the arm rest. Although I have had some problems, none have left me on the side of the road and I have been able to find the solution and fix it myself.

I got it hoping to be able to push it to 300kish on original motor and trans then possibly swap in a Cummins with a zf manual trans if the body was still in good shape.

Overall I do really like the truck and the longer I have it I am considering building up a built 6.0 over the Cummins I was originally planning on because I think I will miss how much higher you can rev the 6.0 up before it loses torque. With the tuner I'm probably pushing similar hp and tq numbers to the new 2012 Super Dutys and getting 17-20 mpg highway out of a 8500lb brick.

So, I'm not that dissapointed in the truck or 6.0.... my wife does make a few comments on the work I've put into it though lol

New tires and new to me wheels put on. 285/70R17 Nitto Terra Grapplers. I've got the rancho 2.5" front leveling kit in the mail also. Now that the boat is "done" I can get the projects done on this that have been stacking up.

LIst is
1. Finally install the radiator (has only been leaking about 1 qt a month)
2. Rancho 2.5" leveling kit (I also have new track bar bushings to press in)
3. Snow performance stage 3 water meth kit :D


What kind of install are we talking about for the water meth? Pretty in depth, isn't it? Truck is lookin good!

It is one of the water meth kits that controls the injection with both boost pressure and egt's. So I will need to put the reservoir in the toolbox, wire the controller, drill and tap exhaust manifold for pyro (already did this once for the other gauge I've got, but I'm planning on putting this one on the other manifold so I can keep an eye on both sides)

I'm planning on buying one of the aftermarket intake elbows with ports already drilled and tapped in them to get a little better air flow and keep the stock elbow in tact in-case I ever want to go back to stock.

Here is the kit I got, but I have the smaller reservior. I scored it used on ebay for around $350 :D


make sure you get the EGR block off plate in the aftermarket sales as all the returning exhaust clogs up the system, It is a recurring problem we have with the company trucks at work :thumbdwn:

make sure you get the EGR block off plate in the aftermarket sales as all the returning exhaust clogs up the system, It is a recurring problem we have with the company trucks at work :thumbdwn:

I started the EGR delete this weekend. I opted for the full delete that comes with a new exhaust up-pipe and removes the EGR cooler. After about 9hrs of bonding with the truck, I started it up and found I now have an air leak somewhere after the delete.

I didn't have time to track it down because of Christmas festivities, but I'm hoping it's exhaust related because if it's not it's more than likely the intake manifold, and I'm hoping I don't have to disassemble the whole thing again...

I'm going to officially call the EGR delete done! I found an exhaust leak at the turbo, got it corrected and it seems to be holding together :D.

Up next is a coolant filter, and toolbox then I should be done for awhile.

umm... did you miss these posts? :D

Coolant filter contents after about 8k. Got casting sand? Because I do!



Got my Rancho 2.5" leveling kit installed yesterday. Pretty good deal with the current Rancho Shock and Awe promotion I get a $400 rebate! Now to find some F350 rear blocks to raise the rear an inch or two.


Back from the dead! :D

Figured I would update this cause it's been awhile and there have been some major things happening with the truck lately.

1. Last year the trans went out, replaced it with a reman with some upgraded shift solenoids. Old trans had two holes eaten into the top of the case that were impossible to see with it installed - this was my nagging trans leak for the last 50K...

2. Engine finally left me stranded, has 256k on it right now. After much deliberation I have decided not to fix the 6.0 and swap in a 12v 5.9 Cummins :D

Been driving the Ford Cummins for over a month now. And so far so good. Here's some teaser pics...

Out with the old

Donor Motor Getting checked over/upgraded

Ready to install

5.9 in the truck

Ready to fire