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largest tires on 3" lift

I have a 1993 4wd explorer and about to put a 3" Trialmaster body lift on it. I need to know the largest size tires I can put on. I looked at 33" mickey thompson baja claws but I dont know if they will fit or how much they run. So if anyone can help tell me the largest tires I can put on and if you know aobut how much those tires run. Thanks.

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i just put this in another post too.....

I know you can put on 31x1050's and am pretty sure that you can get on 32x1150's. If you wanted to, you could do the 31x1100's from interco on the Thornbirds. There is also a debate wether you can fit 33's w\ only a 3" body lift. I don't think you can, but some people might not agree with me.

Just my 2.34 cents...

32 11.50 will fit on a 2dr with 3" body and some triming. Will rub a bit still...

I fit 32x11.50's on my 91 2dr w/ a 3" body lift. The only rubbing I have is when It is cut all the way to the right. I'm not sure if it is the wheel well, or radius arm or whatever. I have to look at it some time and find out. The rubbing isn't bad though.


You own a 1993! Take it from me, save your money, and purchase a quality suspension lift. I know that's probably not what you want to hear but you're better off doing it right the first time. There are alot of variables to consider. The Baja Claws you are suggesting cost around $150 each and are 33x13.50s therefore you'll also need new wheels (more money). Now, regardless of the wheel offset, these will not fit with just a 3" bodylift. Folks usually go with a bodylift because they're cheap, especially if you are capable of performing the installation yourself. If you aren't, be prepared to cough up an additional couple hundred bucks. Not to mention a little fab work to make it all look factory or be able to serve it's intended purpose (i.e. rear bumber). Grill guards might pose another set of problems. If you want to go with the 3" bodylift, I wouldn't recommend going over a 32x11.50 tire. Once again, wheels will be the key factor. I own a 1996 XLT. My wheel openings might be different from your 1993 wheel openings which are different from an EB's wheel openings. People that post what tire size they're running without providing what year & model Explorer they own and what wheel and offset combo they have aren't going to provide you very accurate info. A good tire store is a must. 32x11.50s might work well with the stock wheels. Again, try it before you buy it. Maybe the 3" bodylift in combo with a Torsion Bar lift and OME springs, add-a-leafs or extended shackles will do the trick. And remember, get a full size spare and secure it somewhere safe and out of harms way.