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Largest conceivable tire size...

I just bought a '00 4x4 Explorer XLT and was curious what the largest conceivable tire size I could fit on it would be. When I say conceivable, I don't mean just on the stock body, but with any body or suspension lift combinations, what would be the largest size that could be fit on it?

'00 XLT 4X4 4.0L SOHC

You have to be more specific than that. Dead Link Removed The first answer that comes to mind is DOT approved tires : 44", Dead Link Removed non DOT approved: how tall are you? Dead Link Removed

List the size of the lift that you are thinking of and maybe we can give you a better answer.

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Ok, I was looking at the Trailmaster 4" lift for it, but the reason I was curious was because I'm pretty new to the whole modifying trucks for off-roading deal, I'm used to street performance where tire size can't be wider than the wheel-well, and in this case my Explorer's is roughly 33" wide, so if 44" tires are possible, what kind of body/suspsension lift would be needed to achieve that? I'm 6'2", so bigger tires won't keep me out of the driver's seat Dead Link Removed

There is a Bronco around where I live. IT has a 12 inch suspension lift and 48 inch tires. So, you will need probably a 12 inch lift. He said that his engine is pushing 500hp to pull the tires. The tires cost him $400 a tire. Form the bottom of the door to the ground is about 3 feet. He could run over small cars easily.

There's a even bigger jeep around here. The driver has to climb onto the tire to get into it. He drove up a hill and jumped a curb. Landed on the rear wheels and rode a wheelie down the parking lot. Looked Cool! I don't know how big his tires are. It's an old jeep with the V8 I'm assuming a 304.

I wish I had a truck that came up to atleast my eye level! I'm 6'8" and would love to have to jump into my truck!!!!! Besides for my moms old Caddy I dont fit to well in many vehicles besides my Explorer

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