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Late First Gen Explorer Eddie Bauer


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February 23, 2011
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San Mateo, California
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92' Sport
Howdy forumers,

(Skip to the second paragraph if you don care about the narrative)
Irrelevant fact of the day: my little sister finally got her license.
Some of you may remember my 1992 Explorer Sport for which I had huge plans. Well, it's been a bit and life etc. Needless to say, she's still rolling around on 31s and the Superlift 2" lift. She's been great these past few years and now with 188,000 miles, she moving up to Portland to be cared for by my little sister.

Now with that part of the story out of the way, on to better and slightly newer things.

I'm looking to pick up a bone stock 93 or 94 Explorer Eddie Bauer 4 door 4x4 to replace the Sport as my daily driver. I've found a few locally on Craigslist in good shape with low miles, (Be ware of mileage rollover scams.) and was curious if the the 93-94 models had any additional typical issues. (I.E. Electronic 4WD control unit, window regulators). I know there were some issues that I had to work through on my Sport, but did they carry over to the later first generation models?

Long winded? Expect nothing less.

Thank you in advance for any guidance.


The only thing besides stuff you see on 91-93 is on 94 models the EGR has problems. The EGR tube is so thin, it always rots out. Replacing the tube is a total PITA, but I've done it. On another 94, I totally deleted the EGR system (not legal), and saw no drop in fuel mileage. If you drive careful, the EGR system can give you an extra MPG. Other than that, 94 was the best year of the explorer IMO.

Some 1994 had sequential fire injectors which brings a nice cylinder balance test to the computer. I'd delete the EGR, it was an idea that kind of died in the 1990's. Who's to say you didn't swap in another engine that didn't have EGR?

Later models also had a camshaft position sensor that can have issues but it adds better monitoring for the computer for timing and fault detection. Heads are better in 1993.