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leaf spring question for 2001 X sport 4x4


February 28, 2006
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2001 explorer sport 4x4
so i have a 2001 explorer sport 4x4 and i am trying to put 31x10.50 on it. i found a couple leafs that are supposed to work. the first is an add a leaf in either long or short. the second is the entire leaf spring, which will add 4" of lift. i am only doing the front 2". since i have the infamous x sagging rear, the rear is probobly like 2" or so lower with the front unlifted. will the add a leaf give me enough lift to clear or will it just level it? will the 4" be too much i dont want to the rear to sit higher than the front. here are the links to the pages with the parts.


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well a second gen fits a 31x10.50 stock.....the 4 inch spring will provide....4 inches and the most people usually go for in a front TT is 2 inches(you can go more though).....the summit racing AAL provides 1.5 inches of lift and if you look into shackels they are aproximatley 55 + shippin and they add another 1.25 inches of rear lift that an a TT on the front will be enough for a 32 inch tire.

You might want to check out customsuspensions.com! :D They make custom leaf springs with 1" to 16" worth of lift. I have 2" custom springs on my X, which measures to about 3" for some reason and that is plenty more lift than I expected. They are affordable, they cost about $350 including shipping to VT. I hope this helps. :) Later - Nate

$350 for custom springs ain't bad at all. But I guess the more leafs you use the higher the cost. Good deal. :thumbsup:


doesn't the '01 Sport still have the mono-leaf spring? if so, you shouldn't use the add-a-leaf with the mono-leaf. I know there are a couple people here who have done it successfully, but nearly all mfgs recommend you don't do it.

nope, 01 sports have normal leafs. and trust me, 31x10.5 will fit stock, front and rear.


thanks for the tips. i ordered a procomp aal from summit, slapped it on there, worked like a charm, 2.5" lift, a little TT in the front for about 2". the next day i went and bought some procomp mud terrians and procmp rims, and some rs5000 shocks. the wheels and tires are not here yet, but it should be sick.
thanks for the advise, folks.


greenmtnboy said:
You might want to check out customsuspensions.com! :D They make custom leaf springs with 1" to 16" worth of lift.

The link you gave goes to just a collection of links for everything from baby clothes to video games and a few links to various autoparts places. Could you give the correct link for the custom suspension place you mentioned? Thanks

here are the pics, all done, thanks fopr the help





now u just need a bl and it will look even more intense all in all it looks great now im getting ideas for my sport

What part number were those springs from summit?


Nice 01 sport u got there i got the same flowmaster setup as you. I did some mods on my 01 sport. Check out my cardomain if ya like www.cardomain.com/id/sams01xplrsprt

I am planning to do more mods to her

Anyways you got aim or yahoo messanger so we can chat sometime.