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Lifted Sport Tracs Picture Thread!

I bought new control arms and tie rod ends to upgrade my front suspension. Got the body lift by coincidence at the same time for $70 on CL.

And it's 70023

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Just took a look at mine. I've had it for so long on the shelf i forgot what the other side of the box looked like lol

You stole it for that price

Only sat and waited for one for 2 years hahaha

dammit i wish i got it for that price lol. and since i posted in the show off thread i figured i'd post in this one too.

wellllppp, this weekend i decided to do an oil change. went to go get my oil and filter, in a good mood then this happens......


(if you're wondering, my dumbass wasn't paying attention and slammed my finger in the door....)

got pissed off and decided to take it to the dealership right down the street from the shop i work at instead.

here she is bout to get her oil did:


that same day, put in my new led reverse lights and holy hell are they bright....


sorry for the crappy pics btw

That $hI+ hurts, lol. Take an exacto knife and cut a slit into your fingernail to release the pressure and blood trapped under the nail, it'll hurt like hell but help alot.

yeah i'm gonna wait another day or two, then get like a paper clip and heat it up and burn a hole thru the top of the nail and let it drain, it says its not very painful but i've had kidney stones (at 18?) and i dont think it can get much worse than that lol.

Well I was gunna post about I got my new subs and how the Duratracs did on the interstate... But on my way back, some guy in a 90's Honda civic was riding my @$$ and I got over to let him pass and he cut in front of me and slammed the breaks. I was in the process of getting out of his lane and cut my wheel to avoid hitting him (was already to close to just break), did a 360 then another 90 degrees and wound up in the ditch. How I didn't roll it is beyond me... A trucker stopped and told me he saw the whole thing and helped me get out.

Anyways, now my front right wheel feels bouncy I guess. Bumps in the road feel exaggerated and there is a near consistent bounce. Any ideas? I'm replacing my front end parts Wednesday anyways so if something broke I hope it's in that part list.

Holy crap man, I'm really sorry to hear that. Damn ricers. It sounds like you're okay though which is the big thing. Hopefully your truck makes it out of this okay too.

I mean I didn't hit anything, and drove it maybe 30 miles with no problems besides kinda bouncy so it should be ok. Considering I'm replacing nearly all my front end parts, or at least all the expensive ones.

Glad to hear you're ok, that **** happens to me around 20-30 times a day (short of going in a ditch). When you get all your new parts put on have them do a complete check of all I replaced parts as well (inner tie rod ends, rack and pinion, hub bearing assemblies, sway bar and end links, etc...). Also rebalance all of your tires and check for broken belts in the tires. Check the rear suspensions well.

On the bright side I Hooked up my 770w amp to these things to test them, and holy hell. They rms at 1000w each and this is prolly giving each one half of that. I'll get a vid tomorrow.

What kind of subs and box are you running? I've gotta JL Audio 8w7 but its n a box on the seat folded down behind the driver side. I can't find a way to put it anywhere else. I was gonna go with the flat JL 13.5 but the audio shops down here are sayin ther no way to fit all the way under back seat and it won't hit as hard as the 8. I lik really loud bass if I'm listening to rap and lik to scare people if I'm blasting Mudvain. I read chads thread n he says he had fiberglass boxes which isn't a problem but what is that small and sounds better than JL. Sorry I'm kinda partial to JL because their hear in Florida and sound awesome.

These are RE Audio SRx 12's. I'm starving them with my amp but I can shake a water bottle off my bed with them and make a t shirt dance in the door way.i bought the guys ported box and its just sitting back there till I take my 1/3 back seat out and build a box in its place.

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Nice clean Trac man.