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looking for offroad accessories


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October 25, 2014
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Kansas city, MO
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1999 explorer
I have been trying to find a snorkel kit for my explorer and cant find anything. can anyone help me?

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Welcome to the forum.:D

On the right side of this forum header is a tab " search this forum"

Type in snorkel and you will see several threads to look through.

You will need to build one yourself.

With any snorkel kit there is custom work involved, so I highly suggest making you own, as suggested above, look through what other people have done, and see what you like.

Yes I knew there would be some costumizing no matter what I got but was mainly wanting one designed for the explorer instead of a pvc that was put together but with what I found I thing it has just turned into a project and I am confident it will turn out great so I will have to upload pictures every step of the way so everyone can see and maybe they will like it also and use it them selves

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