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lowered: riding on bump stop pads...?


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April 10, 2006
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Upstate, NY
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98 Explorer Eddie Bauer
i did the torsion flip and right now im rideing on my bump stop pads at 29 3/4 will that hurt anything to ride on them, bend anything? right now i have the torsion bolts out but im afraid they will slip because there is no groove for them to fit in from flipping the torsion bar..

You just need to grind a grove for them to sit in and raise the bars up just a bit. You could bend some metal, sure, if you hit something really hard.

on my yota, the previos owner did that, lowered it that much, it looked mexican, but thats another story, it was fine, jsut rode like crap

so if im riding on stop pads im not going to hurt anything? i plan on throwin the torsion bolt back in but just for a while im just checkin up i dont want to bend something