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Couple torsion bar questions.


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May 27, 2006
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Rapid City, SD
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2001 Sport
I lowered my Explorer the other day and it is now just barely sitting on the bump stops. My questions:

1. Can you completely remove the torsion bar bolts without issuses?
2. How do you flip the bars.
3. Do I need to change anything in the front now thats its dropped 2 3/8" already?

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1. No worries taking them all the way out.
2. Run a search for tortion flip, theres pictures and everything.
3. Go get it aligned, do it after your done messing with the flip, or the bolts though. Dont get it aligned and then lower it more, thats pointless.

(btw, take the bumpstops out, and cut them in half, you'll be happy you did.)

Do not drive it far without the alignment, it is more dangerous, plus it eats the tires.

Be sure to adjust the heights left/right separately. The vehicles are never level stock, and usually take a different setting on each side. Measure the height at the suspension, not the wheelwells. The suspension needs to be even, level side to side, for it to steer and handle equally left/right.

Measure from the level ground up to the inner front control arm bolt center. That is easy, and comparable on the alignment rack. Good luck,