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Lycan's 91 & 96 XLT's

Well this is the first time I think I've posted pictures of my xploders on here. Well I guess we just got the 96 last week.

So I'll start with the 91.
1991 XLT specs 4.0 5spd manual. 3.55C gears 211xxx miles on OD
Engine mods:
Auto tranny radiator
K&N drop in filter. Swiss air box
Magnaflo XL performance muffler in stock piping
Exterior mods:
06 Explorer XLT emblem
Sport Grill and headlight bezels.
Federal 30x9.50x15 tires
Sport Grill

Stock Grill

I just realized that I have had the tires for just over 3 years got them around 9-29-06 Here is a pic of them right after i got them


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Now for the 96

1996 XLT specs 4.0 OHV Auto tranny 3.73LS gears. 109xxx on the OD.
We just bought her for 1500, needs the tranny mount replaced(its purchased i just haven't put it on yet.) and the brakes have a slight kink that needs worked out, other than that the car is damn near perfect.
Mods so far:
Painted all pillars
Bed-lined rear wiper arm and hatch handle and glass handle
Tires Kumho KL78 30x9.50.15
Motorcraft Synthetic blend 10w-30 Motorcraft FL1A filter
Autolite 130 amp alt. Just in case we add goodies later.
I only have a couple pics of it so I'll post what I have.






Got the tranny mount fixed on the 96 yesterday and installed new rear brakes (they were at about 15%). The tranny mount was shot all the rubber innards were gone and one of the bolts was loose. It was clunking really hard from park to reverse and sometimes when it was shifting. Now the clunk is gone but when braking there is a slight clunk, my dad is thinking it may be the rear end. And sometimes when we are braking the pedal vibrates and the steering wheel shakes, air in the brake lines? It's not as prominate as it was before we replaced the brakes but its still there every once in a while. Thanks for looking any comments are appreciated.

Any one have any idea's on the brakes? Or is the ABS acting up?

nice explorers u got there

Any one have any idea's on the brakes? Or is the ABS acting up?

It could be the abs, have you bled the brakes to get that out of the way as a culprit, also the one of the rotors may be warped.


Last picture I took of my 1991 the day I sold her..... I will miss this truck so damn dependable, my 96 is at the tranny shop right now. p0761. stuck o/d off. :(