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Mach audio or not?


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May 27, 2010
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Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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'00 Mountaineer
Hello, I've got a 2000 Mercury Mountaineer and i cannot tell if I've got the Mach Audio system or not. Is there any good way to tell if I've got the Mach Audio System? Nothing on the speakers or on the woofer does it say Mach or JBL or anything but it sounds extremely good for stock, (someone asked if i had an after market woofer 'cause it sounds very good). Thanks in advanced!

If it has the subwoofer, it's the upgraded audio system.

Ford may have not branded the later systems as "mach" with logos, but just used the term in literature for advertising and sales.

It might also be because it's a Mercury and not a Ford that the "mach" branding is not present.

I believe i found the answer to my question too, here. Thanks for the help, I wanted to order the Pioneer 3200DVD deck for my truck but needed the correct wiring harness for it. Thanks again!