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Manual Hubs for 2nd Generation

What would you prefer for you 2nd Gen Explorer?

  • Spring loaded hubs

    Votes: 6 50.0%
  • Direct lock hubs

    Votes: 6 50.0%

  • Total voters


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October 18, 2002
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Chandler, AZ
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2000 Merc Mountaineer
Hello, I would like to get your opinions about manual hubs for the 2nd generation Explorer. Your right there is no such item availably, but what IF someone did come up with a design I would like to know:
Would you want them to be spring loaded - this means you rotate the hub dial to “Lock” and if the inner splines are not lined up the spring compresses, then when you start driving and the splines align then it will lock.
Advantage: Turn the hub dial to “Lock” and you are done.
Disadvantage: If the hubs are not kept clean and greased the locking mechanism could stick and never engage leaving you without that wheel locked.


Would you want an instant lock – this means that there would be no spring and the splines would have to be lined up allowing you to turn the hub dial all the way to “Lock”. So what happens if the splines are not aligned? You would have to get in the truck and rotate your steering wheel slightly then get out and try again.
Advantages: When you turn the hub dial to “Lock” you know it is locked.
Disadvantage: May take you a couple tries to get splines aligned to allow full lock.

So let me know what you would like on your truck!

Thanks. :biggthump


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September 2, 2007
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Gardner ks
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97 xj
I voted for spring lock hubs but, hell lets face it I'd be happy with either one the mpg gains are awesome with unlocking hubs, and the strength gains.