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Map light confusion

From what I had read on this site, the map light can be replaced with a 168/194 bulb so I picked up some 194 bulbs when I was at Wal Mart.

Problem is the bulb that came out from the map light thing was completely different from the ones I bought. The one that came out had a conical metal plate on both top and bottom, whereas the 194 bulbs have a snap in design with two seperate wires. The one I took out sits in a socket and the cap screws on.

Here is a picture of the different bulbs (sorry for my crappy digicam).


So can anyone tell me where/how I can find the correct bulb for my overhead console, or by some crazy method I can get these things to fit. Or maybe I'm just dumb/blind and I'm missing some sort of obvious way to connect these (maybe trying to do it at 1:30 in the morning wasn't the best idea)

Well, I went to Autozone and the guy found me the right sized bulb to replace it with. I'll get the exact model later.

I also picked up some silverstars to replace my headlamps, so thats working fine now :).