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Map lights in 94 Limited wont turn off


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October 4, 2006
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Phoenix, Arizona
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94 4x4 Limited
I recently bought a 94' Limited Explorer with 114k miles. Everything is in great shape and nearly everything works like it should. The problem that I am having is that the map lights will not turn off. Everything else on the overhead console works just fine, including the temperature/direction display, and the mode button. When I push the buttons for the map lights nothing happens, they just stay on all the time. I had to put an insulator in between the bulb and the metal because I didn't want to remove the bulbs for fear of losing them. What could possibly be causing this?

I removed the console and inspected the circuit board. It seems to be in perfect condition with zero corrosion. Does anyone know if there is a component on the board that could have gone bad that I can replace?

Also on a separate note, the glass covers for my fog lights are broken and I cant seem to find replacements. I read somewhere on here that they may have been made by Hella, but I don't have any part numbers or anything.

Looking at the diagram, it seems like the only possibilities are the switches or the microprocessor that are at fault. If it were only one light that was on all the time, I would be inclined to say it was the switch, but in this case I'd say it's probably the board itself that's causing the problem. If you're handy with a multimeter then you may be able to troubleshoot and repair the problem on your own.

As for the fog lights....I don't think having a part number would help much. Fog lamp lenses are for a 17 year old OE "one off" light aren't going to be easy to find. Your best bet would be checking Ebay / Craigslist or local junkyards to see if you can find an entire replacement unit. Or, if you prefer, you can remove the existing lamps and install some low profile aftermarket units.