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Matt, Minnesota, Finally Registering :)

Well I have been a member here for a while and just now have got around to registering:

First the info:

Tell us who you are:
My Name is Matt Klukas, I live in Blaine, Minnesota, Im 18 and I'm going to school for a computer networking degree.

List your:
year : 1991
model: 4 Door XLT
state: Minnesota
city: Blaine
e-mail address:

List your Mods:

Not much as of yet, Ripped the running boards off (Ugly steel ones) and new HU installed.

My dad customized the roof rack by shutting the garage door on the rear most cross piece.....doh!!!

I Installed a set of Rancho RS5000 Shocks, going to be installing a new exhaust and intake probably in the next week. Hoping for a lift and tires around christmas time :)

EDIT: Oh yeah forgot I installed vent visiors on all the windows, they really make the truck look nice IMO, Ill get some updated pics soon.

Oh and here is a pic for all of you who are curious, I will put more up on my site once I finally get around to finishing it.

If anyone knows any good wheeling places in MN that are legal lemme know :)


Well, can't really say welcome to the site....glad you registered, next step...join us elite!


I was thinking of joining the elite club, as soon as I have some spare cash I think I will, Ill have to dig up a good photo for under my name first though :)