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Cool.. gotta register..

Hello everyone.. After I made how many other post on this wonderful forum.. I see this registry.. so now that I broke the rules.. hehe.. My name is Shawn. I am 24.. I live in Sauk Rapids Minnesota.. I have a 1991 4 door XLT 4x4 electronic T-case auto hubs.. color is red.. interior is gray.. I bought it about 6 months ago.. but I already knew I would love it before I got it as my mother has had a 92 Eddie Bauer for a few years now and I have had the pleasure of using hers.. well more about mine.. it has 123,000 miles on it.. I just put new Ball Joints and axle shaft U-joints and rotors and brake pads in it last weekend.. need to put more parts in it this weekend.. got to put U-joints in the front drive shaft yet.. then all of the Joints will be new front to back as I put the rear joints in when I first got it.. also I have to fix the one exhaust mount.. I noticed the clamp is loose and the thing makes alot of annoying squeaking noises.. also I have pics of my Explorer.. just need to get em posted on the net somwhere..

Welcome aboard. Hope you enjoy your stay....... and your new addiction! HeHe:D

Welcome aboard. Pretty soon, you will want a jacked up, off road monster.......:D