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Michigan Offroading Places- Bundy Hill, The Mounds, and Rock and Valleys.


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June 16, 2009
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2000 mounty
scroll down to So this is my question if you dont want to read what i thought about bundy hill...

okay so this weekend me and my friend in his wrangler went to bundy hill. it was pretty fun! I only got stuck one time i went down a super steep hill and then back up a smaller hill and of course got high centered all 4 wheels were spinning and i was just stuck. another jeep pulled me out in a second it was fine.
My friend in the wrangler seemed to do a lot better than i did just because of the smaller wheel base and being lighter? We went through some gravel (very loose stuff) and my truck sank immediately and even with my meaty tires they sunk and didnt really do much but throw gravel.
another thing i didnt like about bundy hill was i felt that it was super hard to find trails. and when we did find them they were not very well marked, and some that were had no trespassing signs? it was weird set up. it also felt more set up for rock climbing.

So this is my question.... I want to go back offroading again! I had a great time. However, when i go offroading basically what i am looking for is this... i want some trails that are mild to medium difficulty. I want where i have to struggle through some parts, but other parts arent too bad. I also want to get muddy/ go through shallow parts of water. So basically i just want mild trails that i can go down enjoy nature, get muddy, hit some tight hills/ trails, and just have fun.
I dont want to be worried about climbing huge rocks or climbing through such tight trails that i have to back out.

So is Bundy hill, the mounds, or rocks and valleys better??

Post a review of your expierence at the mounds/ rocks and valleys it will be greatly appreciated!

bump.... anyone? maybe some pics? im also considering silver lake but not sure what its all about

I'll give ya a free bump as well. Subscribing because Michigan isn't too far from me and I'm building up my truck as well. I'm trying to make it a respectable 2WD truck but being down two wheels means I'm looking for some mild-ish trails as well. If you do happen to find something, count me in!

Sounds good Varsity. KAZER and i are headed to the mounds on june 9th. i will be sure to let you know what i thought.
The more i look back i did like bundy hill. i feel like 2wd would have been very hard there though because of many steep hills, tight trails, and lots of hills where we kept bottoming out and needed that extra front end kick.
But i will give a full review on bundy hill. im about to post a bunch of pics from Bundy hill in my elite registry if you want to check them out.