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Modifying Ford Explorer Leaf Springs for Lift using F-150 Leaf Springs

Has anyone tried ranger springs? These are same 1250# spring rate with a stronger arc. They also have a 1750# "HD" with a bit less arc...

Main thing keeping me from the F150 springs was aggressive arc, sending me to the moon and out of range of my shocks. I would say the easiest solutions for small lift are the ranger 1250# high arc for soft ride, or 1750# for firmer. Hard to tell if these are a bolt on. Length specs have the centerline 1/16" off, and maybe bushings are different. Can anyone confirm these will fit?

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I know some people have mentioned Eaton Spring in this thread and others... maybe give them a call, and see what they could do either in the parts of the springs you actually need, or some already built springs that are ready to install. (RA may still be cheaper, even if it means your'e dismantling new stuff). If nothing else, if you're planning on towing, I'd say get the heavier springs so the truck isn't "squatting to pee" the second the weight of the trailer is on it.
Thx John. Yea, I'm trying to avoid making a phone call because I'm afraid that will lead to overcomplication and $$$. Though getting right the first time is always cheaper!

I believe that I read somewhere Ranger springs are lighter than Explorer springs cuz the Ex is heavier in the back... Just my $0.02

That's what I though too, until I saw the available options for the ranger. An 1100# (as expected), a 1250# with same part number as mounty, a 1250# with higher arc, and a 1700# "HD" .

I'm not sure on the Ranger springs other than the Ranger axle sits under the spring and the Ex sits over the spring. Even with the F150 springs the main leaf is still the original Explorer one.

Hopefully, the ranger units will be a straight bolt in. I'm going to order the 1700#s and see how it goes. About $320 shipped from generalspringkc, so not a bad deal if it's easy.

Got my springs! I'd show you a picture... but 20 minutes of trying reveals I will need to pay $20 for this privilege

Springs are installed. I'm pretty happy overall. Had to flip the center bolt and slot the front mount holes a bit (not thrilled about this part)... but they are in.

Ride is actually smoother, rear recovers quicker. Much more stable. No noticable gain in ride height, maybe leveled out a bit.

I think these springs are a good option if you don't mind modifying the front mounts.