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motorcraft oil


February 13, 2010
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carlisle, pa
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94 xlt, 97 ranger
im dont know a whole lot about the different oils but my 94 x has 157xxx miles and i wanted to see what weight of motorcraft oil everyone uses. I dont even know whats in there now. the shop changed it the last time and i want to do it know and i want motorcraft oil in it. will the 5w-30 synthetic blend work ok with no problems? or should i go with 10w-30?

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I run and have run Motorcraft 5w-20 and 5w-30 synthetic blend and Motorcraft filters from wither WalMart or from the dealer (that's what they use) for years now. No issues whatsoever.

The 5w-20 will flow well when cold, especially up north. Ford was joined with Conoco-Phillips to blend the Semi-Syn Motorcraft oil, and even over on the highly regarded "Bob Is the Oil Guy" website, the Motorcraft oils are regarded as arguably the best bang for the buck, especially for the base oils that they use to make the blends. The 5w-30 will flow the same when cold.

With all of that said, I think your 4.0L is spec'd for a 5w-30 now from Ford, but they have that blend there also.

HERE is a good thread. You won't go wrong with the Motorcraft oil...

Motorcraft is some good stuff. Use what is spec'd for your ride. 5w20 or whatever...

Hey gues just thought I would add my 2 cents I worked at AutoZone for almost a year and one of the things we told our customers here in cali is the higher the mileage the heavyer weight oil you want to use so for 157xxx miles we would recomend 20w-50

20w-50? Racing oil? No way.

I have over 200k on my Ex, should I be running 40w-60?

Ha......I was trained by an old timer he would tell people 2050 for every thing don't think he understood the newer engines and the recomended oil weights