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Oil question...


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September 11, 2004
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Pittston Township, PA
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1994 Explorer XLT,BMW 325
Hey guys,

I'm trying to get the X ready for winter with a good tuneup. I bought a Bosch oil filter, Bosch Platnium plugs, and 5 qts. of Mobil 10W-40 oil , and Lucas Oil Stabilizer. My question is, is 10W-40 okay to run for the winter, or should I take it back and get 5W-30? I know all engines are different, and thats why I ask because I'm new to X's. I run 10W-30 in my BMW all year round. I know 5W-30 is recommended, but will there be any problem running the 10W-40? It's not synthetic. Thanks!

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I run 5W-30 in winter, it's best to stick with manufacturer's recommendations. If I were to run 10W-40 it would be in the summer.

I run and recommend 10-30w in Mobil-1. It runs a tad thinner so it will be fine for the clearance issues. Besides, Ford runs thin oil for the EPA, not you.

10-40 will be fine

Just save the 10-40 for spring/summer. Get the 5-30 now, do it right and save yourself the headache of second guessing yourself. :)

The 10w40 is not the best choice.

For the winter, 5/30 would be a good choice to avoid the valve tick when starting up on cold mornings. My Limited does that sometimes. 10/40 would be good for summer use though.

Might want to rethink the Bosch Platinum plugs too; there's been a lot of posts regarding them. Some guys like them, but I think the majority agrees that they are not real great plugs for our trucks. And I know from working at a parts store, I'm told NOT to recommend Bosch plugs for any Ford and countless customers have told me of their bad experiences with them too. Autolite, AC Delco, and Motorcraft are the better plugs, in my opinion.