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Mudd***** Project #1: Scrap the TTB

Mudd***** Project #1: Scrap the TTB / Live Axle Swap

After cracking the passenger side axle housing and frying my driver's side hub and spindle on the last Moab Run, I decided to scrap the TTB. :shoot:

I am going with a 1979 Ford Bronco Dana 44 front high pinion axle, cut down 5.85 inches. It is being rebuilt with new brakes hubs, seals, etc. and stuffed with 4.88's and an oxlocker. To mount the axle on the Explorer I am using the stock radius arms and brackets from the 79 Bronco and 14" stroke dual rate coilovers from sway-away. The driveshaft will be mated to the D44 using a jeep D44 1310 u-joint yoke, which is the same type of u-joint used for the stock D35. Steering will be maintained using a tie rod and drag link with a steering over knuckle conversion from Rockstomper.
The trackbar is going to be mounted onto the drivers side frame rail and braced across the frame to the passenger side to aid in strength.

To match the rear I am using dutchman axles rear replacement axle shafts with 5 on 5.5 lug pattern, and having the stock drums drilled tot he new bolt pattern. For height I am retaining the spring over axle swap using warrior shackles and mountain offroad spring perches and shock mounts. The rear 8.8 will be stuffed with matching 4.88's and a powertrax no-slip differential behind a T/A diff cover.

I have purchased some 35x1250x15 BFG AT/KO's on 15x10 AE589 wheels with the new bolt pattern for my 'street' tires, and am looking into getting another set of 'offroad' tires. I am thinking of either getting 36x1250x15 TSL SX, or maybe some 37x13 Boggers, or maybe the new 37 MTR. I plan on mounting these on beadlocks from avalanche engineering.

Pics coming soon...

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BTW, what kind of locker does that have;)

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Now that is a beauty!!!!

more pics from this morning.

wildhorses4x4 5.5 EB coils inserted for mock up. Temporary until coilovers are installed.



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Wow. It looks really nice,

I'm glad you got it on the trailer. I should have stayed to help you. I came all the way back here for a 20 minute meeting that I didn't need to be at. I could have stayed and let you drool over the 250 some more :D.

Damn Randall, It looks great I Am very happy to see it out of the garage. I wish I could have been there to help you with this.

that would have been nice if you guys were there. :) As it was I didn't get the truck on the trailer in time to get it to Texas Auto Gear :( oh well, I'll take it up on Monday. I thought I had a brain storm this morning, so I put on the steering linkage from the dana 35, thinking it would allow me to steer it onto the truck, but of course steering with no track bar just pushes the body around, the wheels go nowhere. I was also left wishing for a winch by the end of the day. It took a while to get it up on the trailer using a length of chain and a hi-lift. :hammer: anyone want to go with me to take the truck up to TAG on Monday?

I hooked up the axle end of the cable, just need to find a place in cab to mount it. IT was a pain in the ass to remove/install the diff cover with the tie rod and drag link installed, mostly because of the shift fork attached to the diff cover. Changed the oil in the Ex during my lunchbreak from Lowe's (sick, I know). I still need to figure out the brake leak, and add some gear oil to the front, and of course the alignment. I need to exchange the shocks because the ones that I got were too long.
I still need to make a bumper as well, and trim the front fenders, which rub when turning, nevermind when its flexed out! If I could do it over again, I would probably have moved the axle forward about two inches.

Here are some pics, in which you can see the trackbar mount and the central brake line. Part of that trackbar mount is made from a James Duff drop bracket for an EB. Instead of te coilover mounts I scrapped the stock coil buckets and added Early Bronco buckets and F250 shock mounts. I had to scrap the coilovers because the ones I got were way too long. I would have needed hood scoops and had to relocate a bunch of stuff in the engine compartment, which I wasn't really willing to do at this point. I plan on exchanging the coilovers either for some shorter ones for a future install, or for a set of Avalanche's beadlocks. Hopefully they will do an exchange.





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very nice. now it's more beastly!!!!!!!

Alright! Lookin' good:thumbsup: Good luck with your trial run this weekend and see ya in Moab!