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multiple questions for 94 Ex


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June 9, 2007
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94 Explorer XLT

I have read and learned a lot from the postings in this forum, and as you all know after one fix or mod, 2 others pop up. My Ex is a 94, 2 inch body lift, 4 dr, 31 inch tires, original owner, with 75K miles. She has been in HI until 2 years ago when I brought her to MI for school. Afterwhich, a slew of little things have come up. I have the shade mechanic's book and I want to do as much of the work myself. Any help for any item would be appreciated. Mahalo (thank you) in advance.

1. My power windows die on me at the most inconvenient times. Twice I have had to pay the shop $75.00 to get them raised up. It was about to rain when they got stuck and I live in a questionable neighborhood so leaving them down wasn't acceptable. Are the motors expensive and difficult to change?

2. My fan was perfect when it left the islands, but after one winter in MI, I noticed that there were cracks and fractures all over it. I presume the cause was it got so used to island temperatures that cracked when it got bitter cold and then heated when running. How long can I run without changing it, and when I do change it, what kind of cost am I looking at. Would it be wise to change the belt as well while it is all apart?

3. My radiator has a leak such that it is only 1/2-3/4 of the way full. It doesn't show as hot from the guage though. Will stop-leak remedy this or is changing it altogether the better way?

4. After I put on the B-lift, both my rear doors no longer open from the outside because no tension exists when I try the latch. They work from the inside, but is this going to be a costly fix?

5. I put in some Hellwig sway bars to get better street performance, but has anyone heard of any "quick disconnect" devices so that I can disengage the sway bars during off roading?

6. I put some Eidelbrock shocks on, but can anyone tell me ho long it will be until the boots crack, and if so, where can I get replacements?

7. Does anyone run a "steering stabilizer" I bought one, but I am suffering buyer's remorse so I would rather use the money for something that I need id the benefit doesn't outweight the cost.

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1. Sorry, dont know. I do know they are held in with rivets that are easily drilled out, so I cant imagine it being to hard.

2. Dont know cost wise, you can do it yourself. Mine is all kinds of cracked, your right it probably is due to the climate change.

3. Changing it is always better, but no one here can answer that question cause all leaks are different. You can acually try putting a raw egg yoke in. I know personally that it works.

4. Dont know why the BL effected that, again im sure its something you can jimmy around from inside the door. Sounds like the pin broke loose or something.

5. Yes, do a search on this site. But really, a socket and wrench will have it loose about 6 seconds after a quick release pin would be out so I dont think they are worth it.

6. You can get replacements almost anywhere that sells shocks, I think those boots will last for a long time and if they do rot its only a few bucks for new ones.

7. Alot of people do, if it makes a difference or not is a whole nother story. I used to have one, never nkew if it made a difference or not.

I hope this clears a few things up

I wouldn't recommend any radiator stop leak because it will sometimes clog up the heater core and you wont have any heat. It clogged mine but memphis doesnt have really cold winters but michigan is a whole nother story. I have heard of people trying the egg thing but i have never tried it myself. I have never heard of doors not opening from the outside after installing a B-lift; however, i have heard of the door/fender/hood gaps changing. And also did the power windows start acting up before or after the B-lift was installed because on my 91 EB the taillight/reverse light fuse kept blowing and the left rear window didnt work but after i installed the b-lift they started working

Mahalo for the input. The egg yolk idea intrigues me. What is the procedure? Do I put the yolk in the radiator as-is, run it, and then fill? Or, in the alternative, fill, yolk and then run?



just top off the radiator, crack one and throw it in there.

*disclaimer, I take no responsibility for anything that may or may not happen due to that advice, but I have seen it work.