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My 91 Icelandic Explorer :)


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March 17, 2014
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1991 Ford Explorer

I have been reading this forum for some time now getting information for my ongoing build as well as some troubleshooting for friends and family.

I think it is high time to share my own build.

The base car is a 1991 Ford Explorer, automatic with a solid 4.0. I got the car for about 100 dollars. It hadn't been run in about 7 years and was in a sorry state. At first I only wanted a truck riding on 33's that I could take on the odd excursion now and then. Then I found out the front diff was full of mud and the crazyness started. The end result after one and a half years is what you see here.

This is basically at the point where I found out my front diff was ruined and I needed to figure something out. The paint is my rattlecan special :)
2013-09-06 06.59.37 by vignirbj, on Flickr

This is how it stands today. I think the paint is much better even though it is still from a rattle can
2014-07-27 20.21.03 by vignirbj, on Flickr

I have swapped the auto for a 5 speed trans and a manual shift transfer case. I got a 14bolt SF axle and a chevy Dana 44 front axle with gears and lockers for cheap. I roped in a friend of mine and in one night we chopped the front axle in pieces and put it back together the way it should be, with drivers side drop. I also found some 46 inch tires for cheap and therefore I had to spend 3 weeks in my garage building fender flares to cover the tires (not covering the tread is illegal in Iceland).

I hope you like the truck.

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That thing is sick!!! Nice work.

WOW! I love it! Looks like a tough little truck.

How can you not love that???

Awesome truck!! Welcome to the forum:chug:

That is one of the most awesome visions of beauty that I have seen in a long long time. Great job on that one. Love the paint. Looks sorta like my home paint job.

I love the look of the Icelandic tundra vehicles. Your Ex is perfect!

Welcome to the Forum and Wow , That rig is awesome !! .

Thanks for all the positive replies.

Here in Iceland the tendency is to make your truck look pretty but I took another approach, to make the truck work rather than spend thousands on a paint job.

I will post pics as the truck progresses. I am building a winch mount and the plan is a V8 and 4link suspension front and back.


Bad ass sir......