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my 97 ex

I figure its time to redo my registry, as the 1st time around it was full of random stuff and very un-informitive. She started out as a stock 97 xlt to replace my totaled 94. I picked her up for $400 needing a rear drive shaft and upper ball joints in july of 2010. The set of pics in this post are shortly after i brought her home, with the only mods being the brush guard that came on it and the 30" mud tires from my 94. Over time i slowly built her up, starting with the oil pressure guage mod, then a TT and air shocks. After that came several different tire and wheel combinations, eventually ending up with 33" Goodyear DuraTrac's on 15" d-windows. Somewhere amongst the different tires i installed an Aussie locker. I added a Cobra 29ltd, but I still need the bracket, so while it functions the install is not complete yet. I now also have a custom rear bumper and custom dual exhaust. Im sure there is more that I'm missing, but that is the bulk of it.





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It doesnt lean, the air shocks were the fix for that. It was sitting on unlevel ground. I dont know what brush guard it is, it was on it when i got it. It has to come off though. I caught it on a stump right after i took the video, and the bottom bar is bent really bad.

its gonna be a while, i know nothing about how my ramsy 9000 platinum works, except that is not working. the clutch is stuck, and it wont work eletricly

I started tearing my winch apart this morning, and the first 2 bolts broke.:( Im thinking about just waiting and buying a new one.

Just put a new to me t-case in it. worked great but i didnt have a speedo. By process of elimination, i figured out something in the t-case bad, and the speed sunsor wasnt turning. I just wish i could have found a manual shift in time

nice x u got

is it me or is your hitch kinda cracked

How did you manage to crack the hitch? Like your avatar, have a full size picture of it?

i needed to get the receiver out, and nothing was working, so i got mad an chained it to a tree, on third pull i felt it give, and got really excited. i got out to check and saw that and was even more pissed

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It all started on a dark and cold day at the end of winter. I was out wheeling after the first good thaw in the spring in my 94 xlt. I came to a hill that looked like a good challenge, so i thought to myself "why not". I turned to the right and took off up the hill. Hindsight being 20:20, i should have looked to see what was on the other side first. I got to the top of the hill, and there was nothing there!!! I hit the brakes, and the ABS went active and she wouldnt stop. When i found the ground again, the front windows shattered. when i got it home, i jacked her up for the dreaded inspection. I could see 2 or 3 bends in the frame, and a bent traction beam on the right side. At that point i decided i couldnt afford to fix her so she went into storage. A couple months later, a friend broke the rear driveshaft in his 97 xlt. He said he was just gonna scrap it because it had 208000 miles. i talked him into scrapping mine instead, and so began the Green Goblin. My friends came up with the name because it seems like its gobbling up all of my

So far i have done a tt, and made custom lift air shoks for the rear. I have replaced most of the sensors on the engine. Im waiting on funding to replace the stator support bushing in the trans. I rebuilt the t-case, when i drove it home in front wheel drive, it took out the clutch. I put new 31" mud claw tires on it, along with new lower ball joints. I have a limited slip center section for the rear, just waiting for me to have the time. I still need upper ball joints and a mass air sensor.. (quote)

but have you learned ur lesson Yet? always check ur driving or riding playgrounds..

a friend did this on his Honda CR500 dirtbike and was left for dead broken arms and legs drowning in his own blood but lived