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Maineiac EX

Helo to all who should happen to read this. My name is Deane and I live in the southern region of Maine. I own a 2002 XLS with a 4.0l V6 and a 5 speed manual tranny. The X has seen quite a gew mods since I have owned it. I purchased it in June of '05 and imediately bought a set of ZYOXX ZX2 20" wheels with Goodyear GT2 rubber 275/45/20. I also ordered a body kit that needed some serious tweeking when it arrived. I also ordered a full Infinaty Componant sound system to go along with the Clarion DVD head unit i purchased from Crutchfield. Trying to regain back some youthfulness I installed 4 15" Audiobahn subs with 2 2000w Phoenix amps. A friend of mine made a custom fiberglass encloser with a electric drawer system to hide the amps under the subs. When the airbags came it was time to redo the subs encloser so to make a long story short the new box resembled a dog house. The airride was great and the body kit was freshly painted to match the X. Now brings us to a dramatic point in this story....October 8th while driving north on route 1 in Yarmouth Maine a woman driving a volvo wagon decided to cut in front of me and it was either take her out or try to avoid her. Having defencive driving skills obtained from the Military I opted for avoiding a nasty mess. So there i sat highsided on a median with blown airstruts and a completely demolished bodykit. And I will never have Allstate Insurance again THEY SUCK!!!! wanna talk about not covering **** on my truck. So everything spiraled down from there. So as it is I have a clean slate. A slow process so far. Ill try to get some pix up soon.





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To each their own.....looks like alot of work went into creating that.

Good luck w/ the project.


wow now you dont see that evrey day......looks like you put alot of time into that body kit.....

Yes if memory serves me correctly about 22 hours to get it right and the painted

Holy. Freakin'. Crap.

I just shot myself in the forehead.

not my cup of tea but looks good and next time someone cuts you off...get up under'em, gett'em lose, and putt'em in the wall

i think it looks good :thumbsup: certainly not something u see everyday. make sure and get pics up when your done