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My A4LD "cheap" rebuild.

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so next you've got figure out a way to balance that thing on a jack ;D

You remembered to torque the bands to spec right?

Yup. Just like the manual said. Torque to 10 ft-lbs (120 in-lbs), loosen two turns then lock down the jam nut.

Yeah, I am thinking about making a jig to work on our current jack.

Ok the transmission is in. I have three problems:

A) the shifter linkage is leaking
B) the drain plug is leaking
C) I have a delayed shift to 3rd.

A and B should be able to fix fairly easily...I hope. However, the delayed shift to 3rd has me a little concerned. I have to lift my foot off the pedal and then hit it again to get my upshift. Everything else works fine. Any ideas?

This is the color of the fluid after about 200 miles...could this be leftover vaseline changing the color?


Also the tranny was overfilled by about two quarts. Could that overheat the fluid?

is it purple? gray? brown? can't really tell from the photo.

I don't believe overfilling a transmission can over heat it. Some people may say that you can blow out the front seal from overfilling, but that just does not make any sense. I believe the only possible bad effect that can come from over filling is a fire.

Transmission fluid has a very high coefficient of volume expansion, which means that the oil expands a lot when heated, if the transmission is over filled, a lot of fluid may be dumped out the vent tube when the fluid is very hot, and combust on the catalytic converter, causing a transmission fire.

This is actually more of a common culprit for truck fires while towing (when the transmission get very hot and the oil expands even more) than you would think.

Does it smell burnt?

There is no way that the cooler lines can be plugged/pinched some way right?

Get that transmission temperature gauge hooked up and that will really be able to tell you what's going on in there.

Hey there folks, (Tribute to Glacier's Work)

I'm an engineer, 52, which means I can confuse myself with the simplist things. I'm on the learning curve for the A4LD while my daughters '94 makes a brown rectangle of dead grass in my yard waiting for me to decide my course of action.

I wanted to say/post a heartfelt 'Thank You and Very Well Done Job' to Glacier. Sir, your rebuild column is not only informative and professional, it smacks of Integrity and Fortitude by revealing to all your realtime trials and tribulations along with your expected eventual conquest.

You're work stands to benefit many people, and families for many years, mine included.