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My Stereo...


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April 6, 2004
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'05 Tucson
Hey everyone! I'm new to the forums, so I thought I would let you all in on what I got. I have a '97 Explorer XLT, 5.0 AWD. I just got most of my stereo in, I just need to get 2 more subs and my box.

I currently have the following...

Pioneer DEH-P760MP HU
4 Pioneer 6x8 4 Ways in all 4 Doors
Stinger/Monster Cable Wires
StingPro 1 Farad Digi-Cap
Fosgate 1000BD Amp
12" JL Audio W3d2

...whenever I get everything together, I am going to have 3 12" JL Audio W3's in a sealed box in a total 2 Ohm load, for which my Amp will be putting out 1000 Watts plus of true power to them 3 12's.

My only question is this...I looked at some wiring charts, and I noticed that if I had 3 DVC 2 Ohm subs, I could either wire them into a 1.34 Ohm Loadin Series or a 3 Ohm Load in Parallel. Now...if I had 2 DVC 4 Ohm subs in Series producing a 4 Ohm Load, and my DVC 2 Ohm sub wired in Series to produce a 4 Ohm Load, could I possible wiring them together somehow to get a 2 Ohm Load??? Or is there any way that I could run my current DVC 2 Ohm with 2 more 12" JL W3's, either 4 Ohm DVC or 2 Ohm DVC, to produce a 2 Ohm Load? Any help would greatly be appreciated!!!

Oh yeah, not like it probably matters anyways, but my music listening consists of mostly Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B, Techno, some Pop(gotta be able to get people dancin'), and occasionaly some Rock/Metal.

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Hmm...on a second thought...has anyone been able to fit 4 12"s across the back seats in their X yet? I did some measurements, and if they are true, I think I could fit 4 12"s across the back seats and still have cargo room. My original box setup was only 14 inches high, 16 inches deep, and 42 inches wide, but I am going up on Tuesday to get D-12's new album, and I am going to stop by Tony's Street Dreams(local car audio store...heck of a lot better than CC...they deal with JL Audio*my personal fave* and Kicker) and ask the guy working if they think they could fit 4 12"s across the back seat and still leave me room for my golf clubs or a person if necassary.

If they can, I am thinking of instead of going with 3 12" JL W3's of going with 4 12" Jl W0's into a 2-Ohm load, pushing 1000 Watts to them with my Fosgate 1000BD. What do you all think???

if it were me id just run 1 mtx 9500 pushing 1-2kwatts RMS and be done with it..but if u are hard set on the JL w3s or 0s...then i guess go for it

I have 2 12s in the back of mine with no cargo room, and I've really started to hate it, almost to the point to selling the box to someone on here and just doing a stealth, but I just don't have time. I would make sure you make things to specs before quantity becomes an issue, it's an art. I'm not a fan of the old JL series, even though people like it just because they'll have JL in their trucks, there's far more superior equipment than JLw0s-JLw6s (JLw6v2 & JLw7 are the only ones I'd touch). What are you going for here? SQ? SPL? Quantity? Name brand? Can't tell. :\

for the price i wouldnt even buy w7s...i have touched them and installed them and i wassent impressed for 200-400-600$ u should get alot more for ur money then clean bass..considering there are quite a few other brands that make just as clean a sound for much less flow

Well...compared to others I have heard and had experience with...MTX, Audiobahn, Kicker, Fosgate, Pioneer, Sony(which I personally hate), Bazooka, Pyle, Pyramid, Volfenhagen, JBL, and Alpine just to name a few...I personally thought that JL Audio Subs sounded the best. Now mind you, Alpines are good, and I have to admit I have not heard an MTX 9500, but I just like the sound of the JL's.

The sad thing is, I just heard the new JVC 12" Warren G Signature Subs, and they honestly sounded really good IMO. I am halfway thinking about going with a couple of them, as they are only $100 a piece for 12's on I was highly impressed with their output and their SQ, and they bumped just enough to where it would be enough for people to hear, but not so much as to shatter windows.

i agree with u on the JVC subs sounding good..

but the new "super woofers" from MTX own any and all JLs lol that includes the 7500,8500,9500

the other brands u listed just arent even on the same level..kickers have almost negative SQ ( i can bash all i want i own 2) good for the money though i guess

there are also brands like focal and such..ecplise dont know much about them but u might want to look into it

if i were u id spend as much time possible looking for subs because they are not cheap things..once u buy a set or a pair or however many u are prety much stuck with them u know..and theres nothing like buying something then finding something else months later that u over looked

yep 4 12"s across the back is doable ;)

I also used to have 4 12's in the rear of my EX. I did 2 facing straight back and the 2 on the sides angled slightly in. I could have squeezed all 4 in a row, but for airspace I needed to have the angles on the outside. It worked well.

I had a guy tell me that instead of going with 3 12's that I would be a whole lot happier going with 1 15 and 2 10's. What do you all think???

I was told not to mix sub sizes at all. Not to put 10's with 12's with 15's. They said they would cancel each other our and kill sound quality. I wanted to add a 10 with my 2 12's is why I know.

u can add a diff size sub but it takes ALOT of tuning..waaaaay more then even most hardcore audiophiles want to dabble it pretty much isnt possible lol

you really don't want to go with 1 15 and 2 10s...

unless your going crazy and running proper crossovers etc. and putting the 10s up front. gonna be fun making the fiberglass front doors to fit those, but it could be done.

you really ought to give the 9500 a chance