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February 13, 2018
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Hudson valley
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‘15 XLT
I have an ‘07 Limited with factory navigation, however my navigation stopped working. When I click on it I get a nav disc read error message on my screen and asks if I want to eject it. To further the problem if I do try to eject it the bottom of the screen pops out a little then goes back in again. It doesn’t fully open.

Long story short I found a working factory navigation unit from an ‘04 navigator locally and was wondering if that would be a direct plug n play swap or is it more complicated than that?

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I did a quick glance online at photos of a few units from each truck on ebay. Unfortunately they don't have the same mounting brackets and it looks like the plugs & wiring don't match.

Someone may know much more than me, but you could mess with wiring & come up with a solution to make it work, but certain features may not match up like the steering buttons, GPS antenna, external amplifier, etc.

I think you'd be much better off repairing your unit, finding a salvage stock unit that fits, or go aftermarket.

That stinks. Just trying to find an easy swap not wanting to get too deep into it

I suggest that you search online for wrecking yards that have an 06 or 07 that has navigation and buy one out of there. Try if possible to match it as closely as possible to the options that your Explorer has such as rear seat entertainment etc so the modules will talk to each other properly. The 08 radios may not work properly due to the introduction of Sync.

I just put a navigation head unit in my 08 Limited that did not have one previously, I got it out of another 08 that has almost the exact same options and it works perfectly except for the sync voice button on the steering wheel and the date and time can't be set which are really minor issues.

Row52 allows you to search for year make and model of vehicles that are near you or anywhere in North America. There are other online resources as well that will help you find a proper donor vehicle.

Thanks for the help, however I have bigger problems brewing right now