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Add Navigation?

Billy Dunwoody

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September 3, 2017
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Culver City, CA
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Culver City, CA
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2020 Explorer XLT
Can you add navigation with an SD card to a 2020 Explorer XLT or do you need a whole new module? I enabled navigation in ForScan. It pops up as a navigation failt when looking at the screen.

If your XLT didn't come with navigation, you probably don't have a slot for the SD navigation card. Also, if you were able to add it, you likely won't get over the air map updates when that becomes available since your VIN would not show as having the navigation feature.


You can add it, but you need a whole new APIM. Someone on here was working with me as I was asking questions. The cost can scare many people away. It was for sure cheaper to use carplay or just get a nav unit.