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New to the forum and looking for help/advice

Hi guys and gals. I'm currently looking at purchasing a 2001 mountaineer with the 5.0. I'm a huge Ford fan and like how it drives ect... initially I was looking at this vehicle as just an extra car for errands and keeping miles off the cars we have payments on... but then i saw some posts about how people are towing quite a bit with em... we love camping and the plan was to get a camper in a few summers (wife deploys after Christmas so we were waiting to pull the trigger on that for now) but if the mountaineer is a decent tow rig we can maybe get camping sooner than later... we will be getting some sort of hybrid expandable camper (at most 5500ish pounds loaded with gear ect)... question is how does it do towing with that sort of weight? Yes I'll get anti sway bars and load leveling hitch and brake controller... trans cooler.. does it need something like helper rear bags or anything? Thoughts opinions advice... all welcome!!! Thanks in advance

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5500 is quite a bit, even with the load equalizing hitch. I tow a small camper with mine (3500lbs). The truck definitely feels it on the highway, particularly in the mountains around AZ.
The real determining factor is how high and wide is it. What really slows us down is the camper acts as a big parachute.
To answer the question you did ask, it shouldn't need any airbags with the load equalizing hitch, though it cant hurt to have them if you want.
Thats not to say you cant enjoy camping. The camper we use is small but has all the amenities, even a Queen size bed.

Hey thanks for the reply!!! Yea we have a 9 year old and a 2 year old so it needs to fit us 4 and a dog and most likely a friend for the 9 year old who cant be anywhere without a friend lol... I will have to look into it some more just seen a lot of pix and posts so figured I'd take a look as the car is only $2k so it would def help with the camper purchase as well

My Mountaineer (before I got ahold of it in the was an awesome towing rig. It was a 1998 AWD and had the 5.0L. Used it in the mountains in El Paso area and North Alabama Hills after that. it has the power, but as mentioned before the size of the trailer is the kicker. If you don't mind staying slow on your way to and from your spot, it should be fine. Remember its not how much weight you can tow, its how much weight you can STOP! That being said I towed a 20 ft Travel trailer from Dallas to Huntsville, AL and as long as I stayed around 60-65 mph it didnt give me too much trouble. I worked on RVs for years, and I can tell you that the smaller ones have plenty of room in them, most have bunk beds and such... but they will weigh more than you think, especially after you fill your tanks and put all your gear in it. keep that in mind when buying your camper, water is 8lbs(?) a gallon, and your gear is heavier than you think.

Good luck and enjoy the Mounty, I know I did!!!

Thanks so much for the reply!!! Yea I've been an avid camper my whole life (around 20 or so years) so I know things add up quick.. we never really do more than long weekends tho and we always have sites with water hook up ( I know it's more glamping than camping but have a wife and 2 little girls lol) the campers were looking at are the smaller hybrids with the fold down ends usually in the 17, 19, 21 or 24foot is the biggest I'd even consider foing with this rig... just thought I'd enjoy the mounty for more daily driver duties than I would an excursion (especially when filling the tank) thanks for the replies I welcome all input!!!

( I know it's more glamping than camping but have a wife and 2 little girls lol)
I know EXACTLY what you mean. If you’re out there doing it, it’s camping :)

2001 was the last year for the 2nd gen SUVs. I don't know as much about them as the 3rd and 4th gen. I tow about 5200 lbs loaded trailer with my '06 Mounty (4th gen). I know the 5.0L was a torque motor. If it has the right gearing and the HD towing package, you may be fine. But you will need to confirm this. You may want to post this in the 2nd gen Explorer area, to get more of those guys responding.

Even if it does have the ratings, age/miles would be a concern.