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newb moding ?'s


February 23, 2006
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'05 XLT
i just got my 05 xlt in december and im looking to do some mods. i bought it from a dealership (friend of the family owns the a great deal). anyways i have the extended care 70,000 mi warranty. i wanna know what i can do mod wise that wont void the warranty.

1- i want to replace my fog lights (9145/h10) is there any bulb that i can use in place of it, I can't find h10 bulbs anywhere
2- i was looking at the rancho 5000 or 9000 shocks, im looking to do a tiny bit of offroading but also looking to improve the drive quality...which would be good?
3- are all the clear corner headlights on ebay for the exp all pretty much the same?
4- also could i fit bigger rims on the exp without lifting it?

1. yes there are byulbs out there. Check sylvanias site for alternate numbers.
2. Many different shock choices, all are great, what kind of driving do you domost often? any highway driving?
3. No, not all are the same , but, there have been some great opinions on some of the cheaper ones, check out the lighting area for ideas.
4. Yes you can add larger rims, ask yourself, what size tires do you want? Off road or performance, road or off-road.

All of your questions can be answered on this site, well, not all,but most all of your explorer questions can be answered here. the best way to find your answers is to use the search function. You can narrow it down by searching the forum that best describes the type of question you have. Good Luck!

I found my replacement bulbs for the fogs at Pep Boys, had the syl h10's.