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No crank, no start... SOLVED/Thanks!

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There are good aftermarket starters made, but also many low end brands too. It's hard to know which are which, and the OEM units often do last 10+ years often.

I'd buy a Motorcraft starter for a spare if you like to keep one. A rebuilt used one can be almost as good as new units, and many times Ford doesn't make a part new any longer, only remanufactured. The prices have gone up to rebuild one also, they used to be under $50. So if you go hunting, ask around for rebuild costs, and the prices for a used one versus new. One of the last that I bought was $10 at a PAP, laying on the ground so no removal time. It was about $60 total after rebuilding it locally.

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Weird as it may seem I'm still on the original starter. My parents bought the car new and I got it at 112000 miles. It now has over 200000 miles and I have not had a problem with it, knock on wood.
Mine went at around 250,000 miles. It had trouble starting for a few months before that. Luckily I got it going with a hammer and was able to drive home. It’s weird because it started on its own without the hammer one last time before I replaced it.

I rebuilt mine 70k ago
Been mint
I suggest to rebuild your motorcraft starter or have it rebuilt at a local rebuilder
If you still have it

Hey guys i have a 2001 explorer sport. I went out to leave and when i turned the key. Nothing... No light on dash no start no crank. I noticed that there was a big black rectangular plug that was unplugged that connects to a part between the battery and the fuse panel box under the hood. Tbe part has metal or aluminum lines coming from it. Anyways the plug has a bunch of pins but wont stay plugged in. Does anyone know what that plug is or how to make it connect?

Do you have anti theft ? Look at the blinking red light...when you turn ignition on does it blink fast or regular slow? If fast gonna need a new chip key....
This is what my security light is doing. I have a 2005 Explorer. I’ve got No codes, No crank, No start. Starter will engage and turn engine over but won’t start if I jump the terminals together at the starter solenoid mounted to the starter. What would be the cheapest route for doing this with a new chip key, and how do you program the new chip key to the truck?