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o/d light flashing


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June 4, 2015
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1998 & 1999 4.0 sohc v6
I've topped up the trans fluid and now my o/d light flashes???

what my be the cause??

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Too much fluid maybe???

Fluid level wont cause the OD light to flash, get the codes for the transmission read and this will tell you where the problem is located.

I've drained some of the fluid as I read a few posts online about ppl getting trans rebuilds unnecessarily. One guy spent a fortune and the issue was still there. another dropped the fluid level and the fault dissappeared.

so far the light hasn't come back on. But if it does ill get the codes looked at the trans is working perfect in all gears and ranges. so no idea what's going on.

Trust me, it will come back on, but it doesn't have to be to read the codes.

I only had it on the diagnostics yesterday and it didn't show any trans codes. just a MAF code. replaced the MAF unit and the codes were clear.