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O/D lockout works in park but not in Drive


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May 16, 2017
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2002 Explorer, XLT 4.0L
First post and first explorer. SO anyways i just bought a 2002 Ex xlt 4.0 and the O/D lockout will not work wile in drive or driving. but it will work while in park and the lich in the cluster illuminates is this common or has anyone ever seen this problem ?? also figured i would add the light is NOT blinking either.

Finally had time to check it out turns out about 1.5" from where the wires in the shift handle come out both wires were broken and when in park would make contact. Its a very tight bend if anyone has this similar issue or has the cover off i suggest rerouting the wires so there is not such a tight bend.



Very common issue. This will often ground out and blow the fuse, which also has the reverse lights on it.