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O/D light blinks

I thought i posted this question here before, but i guess not.

AKJello, when you had yours done (TPS R/R) did you have a OD Off flashing AND a CEL ? or just the OD Off ??
I was under the impression a bad or marginal TPS would blow a CEL ??
Please respond, as I am wrestling with the flashing OD light again (after a full year). I KNOW it is sumpin electrical (sensor) related b/c I will get a OD light on cold start up, and I KNOW OD is not engaging, pull over, turn off, restart, all's well, OD engages fine...????.
just bothersome !!
I have ideas about TPS (but no CEL), VSS ?, ??????
Will Autozone read those code for free also, they are stored. 1 year ago it had stored like 2 7xx code relating to OD. I am ready to buy a ATSG and figure out which one of the 7 or 8 sensors inside the 4R44E are the Torgue Convertor Control (TCC) sensor.
ANY help would be GREATLY appreciated.
thnx in advance.
get this fixed?

He hadn’t been on in 7 years, so you might not get a reply.

As for my Cottmans transmission recommendation above, I take it back. Their rebuild lasted under 30K, and they lied about the extent of their rebuild.

Was just curious since my light flashes seconds after start up and stops anywhere from 10 seconds to 30 minutes.

Your best bet is getting the codes scanned. It’ll point you to the component/wiring that is likely the issue.