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O/D light flashing

I removed the bulkhead connector on the transmission today, noticed that it was bone dry so I coated the connections with dielectric grease and reconnected it. Took it for a test drive

Still having the same problem with the OD light flashing,no 1st gear or 4th/OD. Disconnected the negative terminal on the battey and after 2 mins of driving the OD light starting blinking again.

Seems to shift into D smoothly but when I put the truck into R, there is a big clunk. So far I'm stumped where I'm not to familiar with auto transmissions.

Hello BrooklynBay

I check the internal wiring harness and it checked out good. I then clean the TPS sensor and cleared the codes and the OD light blinking seems to have gone away but I'm still having major hesitation in D. I manually put the truck in 1st and there is a little less hesitation on start up but still a big clunk when i put it in R.