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Oil filter mount gasket?

Mine is a SOHC, and by looking at it, I believe the exhaust manifold must come off. Probably not that bad of a job thru the inner fender well. I don't think the Y pipe would have to come off, except maybe to loosen it so you can get the manifold back on and then retighten it.

If somebody has done this job on a SOHC, please chime in.

i think your right manifold is easy to get to, will jack her up ,remove wheel and pb blaster the bolts on manifold 2 or 3 times let them soak and go mow leaves for a couple hours come back and shoot them again and then remove manifold very carefully


IIRC, its an o-ring behind the oil filter mount (no gasket).. Its between the mount and the block..

If your really lucky the center bolt to the mount is just loose..

In this pic.. the Center bolt is yellow and the mount is the green thing on the side of the block...



I have 1990 bronco II removed the filter and made sure I didn't forgot ring on last filter... oil is coming from up there... Noticed the mount colored green on your pic was moving on my bronco... if the center yellow bolt is loose will this allow about a 30 degree movement to happen on the mount?

Thanks this is a great picture and info!!!