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P0741 TCC Issues remain with new VB


March 10, 2008
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NW Ohio
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2000 Limited
I've had intermittent TCC problems for quite some time, which got worse last week when instead of always locking up when cold, I started having the TCC almost always fail to lockup after trying three times. That is, you could feel, and see on the tach when the clutch would apply, drop the RPM down to about where it should be, then a few seconds later release. After three of these cycles, I'd get the flashing O/D light.

So, I had a rebuilt valvebody installed today, and it looks like it is still behaving exactly the same way.

So, time for a new torque converter, unless there's something else left to troubleshoot? Since its very cold outside at the moment, what would be a reasonable price to get a torque converter changed ? Are all stock type rebuilt 5r55e torque converters equal, or should I be looking for a specific one?

Will driving damage it from overheating if the TCC can't lock? Short trips OK?

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From a transmission place on ebay, and I pretty thoroughly checked it over myself too with information from here and elsewhere.

I had a local shop install it for me, since the building my lift is in is unheated and drafty. They're a pretty reputable place, and they seem to be competent, at least when I discussed what I wanted them to do, etc.

The old valve body's bores that I've looked at so far are definitely worn, and it had 250,000 miles on it, so replacing it wasn't a bad plan anyway.

Is there anything else I should consider besides the converter at this point, and how much harm will it do the rest of the transmission to drive it w/o lockup?

It could have an old code stored or the VB bolts could have uneven torque causing it to slightly twist. Was this place Central Valve Bodies? Did you contact them after you were having the same problem? Is this a different VB or did they resleeve your old one?

Oh, I forgot to add, I cleared the codes, and even unplugged the battery for a few hours with the headlights on to let the computer relearn.

No, it wasn't from Central, it was already rebuilt, not mine. It had new solenoids, etc, and I couldn't see any wear on the bores at all (I pulled it partially apart since I wanted a better understanding of how it worked, etc)

Since shifting is normal, and the only problem is the TCC lockup, is there any point in worrying about testing pressures?

If you have replaced the valve body and have the EXACT same problem, I doubt it has anything to do with the valve body. The chances of the same problem with two valve bodies is pretty slim...