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PLEASE there two seperate fuses for the radio???


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February 1, 2009
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Toronto, Ontario
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98 EXL
Hi everybody, im a new member loving this place...

got a question though, I just installed a new aftermarket stereo (( SONY CDX-GT630UI)) on my 1998 explorer...since there was already an aftermarket stereo on my truck that was installed by a pro (wired/without using a harness), I removed the stereo and separated the cables and purchased a harness and long story short, connected all the wires and taped them up...during this i blew a fuse ((number 29 in the fuse box by the door)) so i replaced the fuse as well...

now the problem is that after hooking up the system, the deck does not turn on. i know that there is power going through because when i try putting a CD in, the stereo pulls it in and when i press the eject button, the CD pops out...i keep pressing the rotary volume control in to get the deck on but nothing...i pressed all the buttons and nothing seems to work...

my friend told me something about switching the yellow and red wire, or something like disconnecting one and leaving the other one on, i didnt quite get that...

HE ALSO MENTIONED THERES PROBABLY A SECOND FUSE ((maybe one for constant power and one for switched power)) SOMEWHERE THAT HAS ALSO BEEN BLOWN....
so I checked out the digrams but didnt find anything... does anyone know if such thing exist?? or could u help me at all??? I HAVE NO STEREO and u know how boring it is without one, specially during winter time in CANADA! :)


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There might be a inline fuse that goes from the radio wire harness to the car's, but your radio is getting power, so I doubt its a fuse problem.

Did you buy the radio brand new?

Yes it was brand new from BestBuy...Im actually scared that the fuse didnt protect the deck and surged the unit as that possible though?? because there is a fuse in the back of the unit which is in good shape so i dont know if its possible to burn the deck with a fuse protecting it...

thanks for your help


I actually found the other fuse...theres apparently two fuses for the radio...i changed the other blown one an got the stereo to work...tnx anyways

fyi: your friend is correct, there is two fuses in the vehicle's fuse box that protect the radio. one is the constant 12 volt and the other is the switched 12 volt.

glad you got it working