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Power steering help please- rack and pinion


October 6, 2006
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95 Explorer
Hello all..

I just replaced my rack and pinion after 2 shops both condemned it as bad. After installing a new rack, I have added less than a quart of power steering fluid and my resevoir is full. I started the truck and had a friend keep oil in the resevoir at all times. I went back and forth about 10 times with the wheel (Avoiding hitting the stops) and I still have no power steering.
My thoughts went immediately to a bad pump. I did notice that if I cranked until I hit the stop, the pump whined or at least sounded as if it has pressure. Could I still have air in the system, it should take more oil than what it has??

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What was the original rack's symptom? No power steering, leaking, binding, play????

If the old rack had no power steering, and the new one now has the same issue, I'd find another mechanic to diagnose your issues cause the rack wasn't your problem.

no power steering

The original problem was no power steering. It would "catch" now and again. You are correct, I need to find a different mechanic for sure... He said he was sure it was pumping oil because he could see it swirl in the pump.
Almost no oil drained from the system when the rack was removed. The resevoir was filled to the Full mark. I will try once more to make sure there is no trapped air and move on to the pump.:thumbdwn:

After the second mechanic took a look at it and moved the rack side to side, I did have some power steering momentarily after it was removed form the lift. That lasted a few seconds and then gone......

Does it act like it's working?...at least trying to work? When I did mine, you could hear and feel a shudder caused by air in the line plus there wasn't a lot of power assist. It can take a while to get it all out.



I just went out and tried it again. The wheels are off and the truck is on stands. It binds when the wheel is turned each 1/2 rotation. There is a "cv" type joint on the intermediate steering shaft. That may be binding as well, because of the way it's binding.
I appreciate the help here on the forums.
The whole refill never took 1/2 quart of fluid either???

Sounds Like the lower steering shaft assembly joint is bound up , I had the same problem got a new one from Ford $300.00, hang on to your shorts mine is a 97 part #F77Z-3B676-ea If you find a good parts Guy its still available.