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Pulled codes, not sure what to do next?


November 2, 2008
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Weiser, Idaho
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Explorer, 93 XLT 4x4
My 93 Explorer has had a check engine light go on and off again for a few weeks. I didnt notice anything changing when the light comes on, but now it seems to have lost some power, it rattles going up hills. I Finally got to pull the codes and this is what I got.

Key on engine off

539-Ac is on

341-Octane jumper is installed. I dont even know what that is??

engine running

181-lean a part throttle right or rear ho2s

185-MAF output lower than expected

186-longer injecter pulse width longer than expected OR MAF output lower than expected

189-lean at part throttle left of front ho2s

Where would you go from here to find out more or test componets??



Ok i cleaned my MAF cleared and the codes. I also found the middle spark plug on the drivers side was very dirty with black carbon, i cleaned the plug and drove it again. It ran so much better. The check engine light came on again. This time I got the codes173, and 177 which applies to both o2 sensors saying O2 sensor not switching, system is or was rich, single ho2sfuel control. THe light came on right after I started driving, then went off and did not come on again. COuld it be from the system adjusting after all the cleaning???



Well I answered my own question. Reset codes,added some lucas oil upper cylinder lube and injecter cleaner, drove about 50 miles and ran better than it has for a very long time. No CEL showing at all.

It still throws the code 341- octane jumper installed, have no idea what that means. Any of you have a clue???



the octane jumper is right next to the test port. near all the fuses under the hood. if im not mistaken that code is just telling you it is installed. it is supposed to be installed. you remove it if you need to adjust base timing, then put it back in.