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Put in a new radiator, got problems. Advice?

Tony H

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September 4, 2003
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New York, Wading River (that's on Long Island)
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'91 Eddie Bauer
Burbing.. I usually grab the top hose after the car has reached temperature and squeeze and release about 10 times fast. Didn't have to do it on the 'X' but it's mandatory on my Volvo.
Make sure the radiator is full. The gauges seem finicky if you are even slightly low.



It sounds almost like you have an air trapped in the system. When I worked as a radiator repair tech, we used to purge the system of air, by sticking a large funnel in the filler neck (it should be a snug fit into the filler neck, to allow coolant to rise into it). Then putting the heater on defrost, with the fan on high, warm up the vehicle until the thermostat opens. During the warm up, the funnel fills with coolant, when the thermostat opens it gets sucked down, add coolant to the funnel so it's level is higher than the filler cap, and rev the engine in short bursts and watch the air bubbles come up in the funnel. Once you figure your air is all out, bring up the rpm's steady until the coolant in the funnel is in the rad, remove funnel and cap the system, then let the rpm's drop back to idle. Done, works 99% of the time. Another thing we used to do to help get air out is drill a small hole in the "ring" area of the thermostat, if the thermostat didn't have one already. Could also be a new faulty thermostat or a faulty water pump, but the pump is new too so I doubt it's the problem..


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August 23, 2008
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Woodinville, WA
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'93 Sport Eddie Bauer
Oh sorry I guess I didn't mention it. She's all fixed now, spent a few times doing the squeeze the upper radiator hose technique and we are good to go. Thanks for all your help though. I'm sure this will come in handy for someone later on down the road too.