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Question on stock subwoofer and radio


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November 18, 2003
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North Jersey
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1999 Sport
I just bought a stock subwoofer with amp and cable that goes to the radio. i have a 99 explorer sport that came without a subwoofer. my radio has cd and cassette. my question is, is there a plug on my radio that i can just plug the stock sub into it? or do i have to do some work.

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you will probably have to upgrade to the MACH head unit also. If your radio display shows text, it should have an output for the sub; if it doesn't, you dont have the MACH radio and there is no subwoofer output.

is there any other way to hook it up?

can i upgrade my radio to the 6 disc changer and then hook it up? i was reading in the tips page that 98 and newer trucks can do this. i have a 99.

a 99 qualifies as a 98+

just want to make sure before i spend money. the write up is a little vague. THANKS!