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Rear caliper questions


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March 3, 2013
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2017 sport
As I was fixing my "seized" caliper yesterday(it was only one slider) I turned the piston in and out to make sure it wasnt going to cause any issues.

My question is, when the piston moves out, does it spin out and does it push straight out as a normal front caliper would.

Reason I ask is there is location pins on the back of the pads that seem to need to fit into the >< groves on the piston or else it doesnt make straight contact.

It appeared that I needed to make sure the pistons were aligned with the pin on the pad. The piston needed to be set up with the grooves going up and down.

Before I do the rear brakes I want to make sure the calipers arent going to give me any issues. I will also be pulling the piston and relubing/cleaning boots around piston.