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Rear Defroster Fuse Location


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January 11, 2007
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2000 Sport
My connector on the rear window broke some time ago. I finally gotten to re-attach it, and now when I push the button- no defrost. There is continuity through the circuit in the window, the light turns on, but I don't know if its getting power or not.

Can anyone tell me where the fuse is located? I have the fuse diagram, but no rear defrost is listed?? Also, can anyone tell me how to properly test it?

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On my 97 it's fuse #32 which also controls the heated mirrors, so I imagine it would be similar in yours.

I dont have heated mirrors. So, Ill check to see. Are you claiming its in the fuse panel under the hood or inside the truck?

Mine is on the fuse panel inside the truck. I'm thinking if the light comes on it's probably not the fuse but maybe a cold connection somewhere in the matrix itself. Have you tested the voltage at the rear window itself with a multimeter?

I have not yet. Just started into it today while doing a bunch of other things. Ive got two office chairs in boxes in the back of my sport and I need to get them out, as they are trying to fall out. Ill be in the office tomorrow. Hopefully I can check it after I get there in the morning? Is there a reading that it is supposed to show? And can I test it by placing one lead on one side of the window tab and grounding the other from the multimeter?

I checked the service manual and on your year it's fuse #26, which is a 10 amp.

To test the grid with a multimeter you'll turn the circuit on and measure the voltage at the middle of each circuit and the ground. It should be between 6 and 7 volts. If it's greater than 7 then you need to take a good look at the strip you're on between the center and the ground side. If it's less than 6 volts then examine it between the center and the power supply side.

The other thing that can be bad is the relay, however from what I understand if the light comes on the relay and fuse should be good.

Thanks. #26 on the inside panel. Ill give it a look and work on testing it tomorrow. Ill let you know how it goes!

Hi guys, I'm having similar problems with my wife's 00 explorer xls. Only I'm not getting power to the switch. The fuse is fine, but no power. Where is the relay located on this damn thing. Lol. Thanks in advance