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Rear Sway Bar Link & Poly bushing assistance needed


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February 25, 2007
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2008 Limited V8 4x4
Hey guys,

bought some new Proforged rear sway bar links, and also the energy suspension rear poly bushing set. The new end links came with rubber bushings already installed, what's the best way to punch them out and install the new poly set? Thanks for any of your help with this.


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Large C-clamp and socket worked for me. Another option is a propane torch. If you choose to burn, only do
it outdoors and place a bucket of water underneath. Lot's of dripping flaming rubber and smoke, but it's quick.

And pressing the new ones in, just use the provided grease and a C-clamp?

Pressing in the poly ES bushings is not necessary if using the 4.5153 kit. They fit snug but are loose enough to install by hand.
DO use the provided Prelube grease regardless if the bushings are black and graphite impregnated, otherwise they may squeak
over time. Easy job, this is one of the most overlooked and inexpensive mods one can do to improve handling. Here to help, LMK.

The OEM frame bushings are easiest to remove by cutting with a knife. ES replacements are split, and easy to fit over the bar.

Thanks for everything swshawaii. Removed the old rubber bushings via the torch method. Unfortunately, I found the new top bushings (sway bar end link to frame) are about 1/16" to small in diameter and don't fit snug into the end link. Now I need to see if I can get the correct size bushing for up there. Had I noticed this prior to burning out the old rubber ones, I would have just left those in.

That's odd. Not sure about the Proforged rear end links, but the ES kit works fine on the OEM and aftermarket replacement end links such as the Moog K80139. Are the ends different sizes? Would think the inner eye diameter would be the same on all of them, I guess not. A few options here, but these are thermoplastic rubber, not poly. Take a Proforged end link with you to test fit. I've been using the black NAPA kit two years without issues.

On second thought I don't believe any of those kits will work. They are the same 1 1/4" I.D. as the ES 9.9105G
bushings and sleeves used in the 4.5153 kit. At the very least you could use them on your hollow stock end links.