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How to: Rebuild 4X4 Shift Motor

Almost there!
I found the problem: either NSS (Neutral Safety Switch) or the cable from NSS to Shift Module in the trunk.
After I put a cable from the body to that pin (bypassing the NSS), the car engaged Low Range. Tomorrow I'll try to remove the connector from the NSS and test them. NSS works when it comes to rear lights.


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Update: tested today and the problem is the NSS. I'll order a new one from U.S. (can't find any in Europe).

ah ha! So you grounded out the neutral safety wire back at the 4x4 control module, and the sift motor allowed 4x4 low range!
So now you know you need a new neutral sensor in the transmission?

Yes, that is what I have done.

To be 100% sure I went under the car and tested the NSS (with a multimeter, testing for continuity) with the car in neutral: no response.
Also I tested the wire from the NSS to the module: the wire is ok.


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in case anyone needs it, I've made a video about how to rebuild the shift motor. Not a perfect video, but I hope it helps: